Month: July 2016

Illegal Investment Company Under BNM (Updated June 2016)

BNM has performed two briefing sessions on 16 June (Thursday) and 17 June 2016 (Friday) at Theatrette, Muzium dan Galeri Seni, Sasana Kijang, Bank Negara Malaysia. Trigometric Sdn Bhd are actually accepting consignment (banknotes, cash and stamps) for their next 4th Auction on Oct sixteen, 2016. Selain penurunan harga minyak, kejatuhan harga komoditi lain seperti minyak sawit mentah dan getah turun memberi kesan terhadap RM kerana Malaysia adalah pengeluar kedua terbesar dunia selepas Indonesia. Ya…PRU14 […]

The Primary Functions Of Human Resource Development

A. Training and growth: Training concerned providing the employees the data and skills needed to do a specific task or job. There were steady will increase in productivity Further, the previous culture of 1 man-one function was changed by the acquisition of a number of abilities leasing to the development a bunch system of working with inner monitoring of group norms, inside management work circulation and work allocation, identification with the product and its high […]